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Product Warranty

We extend the following warranty to the original purchaser of the Window Treatments which are properly installed in or on the original window, with proof of purchase.

What is covered:

  • Fabrics and operating mechanisms are covered for a period of 5 years.
  • Shipping damage (reported within 7 days)

What is not covered:

    • Slight variations in texture or colour of natural products, slight warping of wood / faux wood products and natural colour changes to materials that take place over time.
  • Product failure due to the following:
    • Improper Installation
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Damage from children, pets or insects
    • Alterations to the product of any kind
    • Improper operation, such as rubbing cords or chains onto the sides or back coatings of the blinds causing fraying or friction burns in the coating
    • Excessive exposure to moisture
    • Improper cleaning
    • Shipping damage reported after 7 days.

Resolution of Warranty Issues:

Repair or Replace:

All warranty issues are covered by our return to base policy for the first 12 months. If a warranty issue arises within the first 12 month period, please contact our customer service and we will arrange collection of the product in question. Upon return to eblinds Australia, we will determine, at our discretion, whether the product will be repaired or replace.

Shipping Costs:

After a 12 month period, the customer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with the warranty repair.

Product Discontinuation:

If a product replacement is needed for a discontinued product still under warranty, we will provide a substitute product that matches as closely as possible.

After Warranty Expiration:

After warranty expires, many products can still be repaired for a nominal charge, please contact customer service for details.

In many cases, the necessary components and instructions to facilitate the repair can be sent to the customer. A nominal Charge may apply.

Warranty Procedures:

To make a claim, call 1800 325 463 and provide the job number found on the back of your original warranty card.

This warranty takes the place of all other stated warranties, wheter written or oral. In no event shall we liable for incidental or consequential damages that may result from any defect in product or breach of this warranty. We reserve the right to inspect any part or component prior to replacements. In order for repair or replacement to be made, a Receipt of Sale verifying the original purchase date must be presented.

Inspection of Merchandise:

IMPORTANT: If you notify us that your product has been damaged in shipment within7 days of the date the merchandise is delivered to you, we wil have the damaged merchandise either repaired or replaced at no cost to you. If you do not notify us that the merchandise has been damaged within this 7 day period, we will not be able to do so. All damaged shipments must be signed for as damaged

Discontinued and / or Back Ordered Items:

At times, products or colours are discontinued or placed on back order by our suppliers and fabric mills. We make every effort to remove discontinued items

as soon as we are made aware them and will notify yo whenever we receive notice of said back orders.